Premiere of Three Xiangxi Folk Songs for Piano & Violin (include link to score)

On February 29th, 2020, my first new work of the year Three Xiangxi Folk Songs (for piano & violin) was premiered by Baldwin Wallace Conservatory faculty Dr. Sungeun Kim and Dr. Rotberg.  This set of three pieces was inspired by both the musical style of Chinese minor ethnic group Xiangxi Tujia and Miao, as well as my ongoing study of the western musical forms, including preludes and fugues.  For example, in the second movement titled Fugue, I tried for the first time to use a pre-existing folk melody to the subject and counter-subject of a fugue!  

Here's a link to the score if you were at Dr. Kim and Dr. Rotberg's recital and wanted to see how everything was notated after hearing the piece, or if you haven't heard the piece but want to check out the music:

I wanted to also thank Dr. Kim and Dr. Rotberg for premiering two of my newest work on their recital alongside pieces by Ravel, Du Yun, and Robert Aldridge.  It was an honor to have worked with these amazing BW teachers!

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